momos recipe


4 servings

Total time

35-40 mins


Indian street food/Nepali/Tibetan


Street dumplings or Momos Recipe are a favorite among children. Momos are a famous street food originating in Nepal and Tibet. In addition to Chicken Fried Momos and Veg Momos, you can customize momos homemade and make them to your liking by twisting the Momos Ingredients.

Steam Momos – what exactly is it?

Momos Recipe is a healthy and straightforward snacking meal created by traditional Nepalese cuisines. It is essentially a basic flour-based dumpling with a filling of lettuce, carrots, and spring onions. Momos have become a popular Indian street dish, and it is best served with a spicy and runny momos sauce that is red in colour and flavourful.

Course and Cuisine –Indian street food/Nepali/Tibetan

Diet – Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian


  • Soy sauce (two tablespoons)

  • 12 chunks of (morel) mushroom

  • Four sprigs of cilantro, chopped

  • 2 inch Ginger, minced

  • 500 g cabbage 

  • 500 g tofu

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour 

  • 1 cup water

  • Garlic, three cloves

  • medium onion (about 2)


  • To make this unique treat, you must prepare the veggie stuffing in advance. 
  • To make Momos Recipe, finely chop the following ingredients: onion, garlic, ginger, mushroom, tofu, cabbage, and cilantro. 
  • In a large bowl, combine the vegetables, sesame oil, and soy sauce and toss. You may want to keep it for future use.
  • Next, prepare the momo dough, which will take about 15 minutes to prepare. 
  • Add water and all-purpose flour to a large bowl. 
  • Prepare your dough by combining all the ingredients and knead. It’s a good idea to cover the dough with a plastic sheet.
  • You can use a rolling pin to make it into roti-like bread by rolling out the mixture. 
  • Roll out the dough into a thin sheet, but not too light, to form a log. 
  • Then cut it into small circles.
  • Make sure to fill the centre of each round with the vegetable filling you prepared in step one. Repeat the process for the remaining rounds. 
  • Once it’s done, use your thumbs and fingers to create tiny folds on the inside of the envelope. With a small amount of water, seal the edges of the rounds together. 
  • Seal the momos properly.
  • Use a steamer to bring some water to a rolling boil. 
  • Place the momos in the steamer when the water begins to boil. 
  • Steam them for 5-6 minutes to let them rest without disturbing them.
  • Then remove and serve with salsa sauce.

Serve Veg Fried Momos Differently!

Steam for approximately 5-6 minutes, then serves with chicken stock and pepper sauce on the side to taste.

Making Momos’ Recipe like a pro

  • To avoid sticky momos, be sure to keep kneading the dough thoroughly.
  • You may fill momos with veggies of your preference.
  • Shortly before serving, steam-cook the momos until hot. 
  • Momos that have been refrigerated will never be tasty.
  • Veg momos dish is delicious if made with spicy ingredients and with extra stuffing.


These Momos’ Recipes are filled with nutritious veggies, including carrots and cauliflower sautéed with shallot, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and black pepper. You can also include a chicken make chicken momos recipe or fry it to make fried momos. This easy momos recipe or simple momos recipe is a delight and is perfect for a late-night snack!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do momos become tougher sometimes?

The fillings may appear on the finer borders. The coating also becomes stiff and stretchy reasonably quickly. So eat momos as soon as they’re prepared!

  • How long should momos steam?

Momos should steam for 6-7 minutes until transparent and glossy.

  • Momo is a kind of rustic cuisine of which countries?

Nepal and Tibet

  • What are the variations of Momos Recipe available?

Steam-momo, Kothey momo, Jhol momo, C-momo, Fry-momo and Open-momo