Cold Coffee

cold coffee recipe


Two long glasses

Total time

Under ten minutes

Whether you are a habitual coffee drinker or love to indulge in coffee once in a while, a glass of creamy cold coffee can feel heavenly. The frothy and creamy cold beverage, prepared cafe-style, is a must-have during the hot summer months when the temperature outdoors touches forty degrees and more. The cold coffee recipe is easy to make and does not require you to be a chef or have a professional cooking understanding to make this popular drink.

One of the main components of the thick cold coffee is the frothy layer on the surface that adds taste and look to the drink. If you thought that homemade cold coffee is not a reality, you must follow and try our simple cold coffee recipe for the most satisfying taste of this super-tasty cold beverage. Prepare the best cold coffee recipe within minutes and serve cafe-styled lathered coffee to your guests and family members to enjoy tons of praises from everyone around.

Cuisine and Course

Vegetarian, homemade




  • Instant coffee powder – four teaspoon 

  • Milk, preferably full cream milk – two tablespoons of warm milk and two cups chilled milk. 

  • Sugar as per taste or two tablespoons.

  • Milk powder – one tablespoon.

  • Ice cubes – three or four

Tips for flawless cold coffee at home:

  • To make your cold coffee truly rich in flavour, you can add chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. 
  • People often add their favorite ice-cream flavours like vanilla or chocolate to taste and a bubbly look.
  • Using full cream milk is ideal for this frothy cold coffee. However, you can use toned or low-fat milk – the taste would be the same, but the creamy look won’t be there.
  • If you are a vegan, use almond milk or coconut milk, soy milk, or oats milk instead of dairy milk. 
  • By adding milk powder to the cold coffee, an extra textured layer gets added.
  • Another great way of making this lathered cold coffee preparation effective is to add ice cubes while blending the coffee.
  • You need to add more coffee powder in the cold coffee, for people who want stronger coffee.

Before making the cold coffee recipeyou need to garnish the glasses with chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. Ensure that the garnishing is done on the glass sides only. Place the glasses in the freezer for ten minutes. 


  • Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl – coffee powder, sugar, and warm milk.
  • Mix them all till the sugar is dissolved completely.
  • Take the mixie blender and place the coffee mixture in it. Add chilled milk, milk powder, and ice cubes to the jar. 
  • Blend the entire mixture for a minute.
  • The cold coffee is now ready to be served. Pour the coffee into the long glasses.
  • Dust a little coffee powder on the top and use a spoon to add foam to the coffee. 

This simple, easy cold coffee recipe tastes the best when served chilled. You can add vanilla or chocolate ice cream to the cold coffee for a cold coffee with ice cream and chocolate cold coffee recipe, respectively. 


Cold coffee drinks taste fabulous whether you use instant coffee powder, filter coffee, or espresso. Your drip and espresso should be pre-made and cooled before adding to the coffee mixture in the latter two options. For the thick cold coffee recipe, add more coffee powder. If you are avoiding sugar, add sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Enjoy homemade simple cold coffee and beat the summer heat effectively!