Chole Masala

chole recipe


2 servings

Total time

30-35 mins




427 Calories


Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana) Indian curry is a dish in which chickpeas are cooked with various flavours and spices to create a delicious Chole Recipe. All of the above complement parantha, flatbread, or plain boiled rice.

One of the most popular Indian curry recipes is Punjabi Chole Masala, also known as Chana Masala. Even today, no marriage or celebration in northern India would be complete without chole masala. So, what is chole masala? In this Recipe, chickpeas (soaked overnight in water) are combined with shallots, tomato, and various spices. Chole curry is a spice blend, is readily available in any Indian grocery store. The masala can also be made at home by dry roasting cumin, clove, coriander, peppercorn, cardamom, and other spices. You can also make dhaba style chole using this Recipe.

Course and Cuisine – Curries/Punjabi

Diet – Vegetarian


  • To pressure cook:
  • Two cups chickpea/chana

  • Plain water (to soak chana over-night)

  • ½ tsp baking soda

  • ½  tsp salt

  • Six cups of plain water (to pressure cook)

  • Chana masala powder:
  • ½ cup coriander seeds

  • ½ cup cumin/jeera

  • Four tsp pepper (whole)

  • Two tsp clove (whole)

  • Four pods of black cardamom

  • 4” cinnamon sticks

  • Two mace/javitri

  • Two tsp fennel / saunf

  • Two tsp shah jeera/caraway seed

  • Twenty dried red chillies

  • Four tbsp amchur

  • Four tbsp Kasuri methi

  • Two tsp turmeric powder

  • To prepare the curry
  • Four tbsp ghee (clarified butter)

  • Six pods of cardamom

  • Two bay leaves

  • Two tsp cumin/jeera (whole)

  • Two onion (diced finely)

  • Two chillies (with slits)

  • Two tsp ginger-garlic paste

  • One tsp salt

  • Four cups of tomato puree

  • Four tbsp coriander (chopped finely)


  • How to prepare chole masala
  • Pressure cook channa 
  • First, soak one cup of inadequate chickpea water for 8 hours.
  • Pressure cook the soaked chickpeas.
  • Add 3 cup water, 1/4th  tsp baking soda along with 3/4th tsp of salt
  • Allow the channa to cook over 5-6 whistles or till chana is done.
  • Prepping chana masala powder
  • Begin by heating 1/4th cup coriander seeds, 1/4th cup cumin seeds, two tsp pepper, one tsp clove, two pods of black cardamom, two inches of cinnamon sticks, one mace, one tsp shah jeera.
  • Dry roast spices till fragrant, along with ten dried red chillies, roasted till crispy,
  • Transfer to a blender once cooled.
  • Then add one tsp turmeric, two tbsp amchur.
  • Prepare chole masala powder without adding water and store the extra in airtight containers.
  • Preparation of chole gravy
  • Heat two tbsp ghee and sauté three pods of cardamom, one bay leaf, one tsp cumin till fragrant.
  • Cook for a few minutes until the onions are golden brown.
  • One tbsp cooked chole masala and twelve tsp salt.
  • Sauté on low heat till masala aromatises.
  • Mix with two cups tomato puree (purée two ripened tomatoes without adding water for the same)
  • Soak in hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Mix in the pressure cooked chana, adjusting consistency as needed.
  • Cover and boil for 10 minutes to absorb the flavours.
  • Before serving, garnish the Punjabi chole with two tbsp of chopped coriander and enjoy with rice.

Now, your chole gravy is ready!

Serve Chole Masala Differently!

With Chhole, you can serve Bhature, plain rice or parantha. And as an add-on, salads, pickled onions, tubers, spicy chutneys, and strained curd (Dahi) fits perfectly.

Making Punjabi chole masala like a pro

  • Make it vegan by omitting the ghee while tempering.
  • Utilise canned chickpeas instead of soaked ones overnight. The tinned ones don’t need soaking overnight.
  • Tweak the red chilli powder to your liking.
  • If you want a smoother chole masala gravy, add additional water.
  • The ingredients in chole masala taste much better the next day because they are well integrated into the chickpeas.
  • Cooking chole quicker with soda likewise helps.
  • Keep the masala under low heat to avoid burning.
  • Eventually, ghee-cooked chana masala is delicious.


It’s no secret that the Chole Masala recipe is a popular meal in North Indian homes, and this is spicy and flavorful. Whoever doesn’t take advantage of this Chole recipe is also missing out! So, make this easy chole recipe or the best chole recipe today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What softens Chole?

Bring the beans, water, and salt to a boil in a large saucepan. Continue soaking for 1 hour after 5 minutes. Soak and boil the beans.

  • How do you say chole bhature in English?

Chickpea curry, or Spicy chickpeas with fried bread (Bhatura).

  • Is an authentic chole recipe a snack or a meal?

Chole bhature is a popular morning meal served with lassi.

  • Chole Bhature has about how many calories?

427 Calories per serving.