aloo puri


3 servings

Total time

2 hours 35 mins


Vegetarian, Street food

Introduction :

Who hasn’t enjoyed the lip-smacking street food of India, chole bhature?. This fluffy, fried bread is an absolute delight. You can have a bhatura with chole, aloo ki sabzi, or any other gravy-based dish. Check out the bhature recipe and make it when you wish to enjoy something unique and amazingly delectable. The bhature recipe can be enjoyed as an all-time snack. Since it is fried, it turns out to be a complete meal. 

Bhatura recipe is an authentic Punjabi cuisine that is now enjoyed across the length and breadth of the country. This exotic dish is loved and relished by people of all ages. Yoghurt and maida are used in the bhatura recipe along with yeast, a fermentation agent. Baking powder or baking soda can also be used as fermentation agents. The bhatura dough is the most critical aspect of this recipe, which helps make a softer and fluffier bhatura. Using sour yoghurt can help expedite the fermentation process and make soft bhaturas. 

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Cuisine and Course

Vegetarian, Street Food




  • All-purpose flour/maida- 2 cups

  • Sugar- 1tsp

  • Salt- To Taste

  • Rava/Semolina- 1 tbsp

  • Baking powder/cooking soda- ¼ tsp

  • Baking Powder- ½ tsp

  • Yogurt/curd- 1 cup

  • Oil- 2 tsp

  • Oil – 6 tbsp for frying

How to prepare a bhature recipe?

The bhature recipe is a very simple-to-make dish but needs a lot of patience to get the soft, tender, and fluffy pieces of bread. It is essential to ferment the dough carefully so that when frying, each bhatura puffs up nicely. Fermented bhaturas have a unique and subtle flavour. Allow the dough to rest for at least 2-4 hours so that it is well fermented. Use sour yoghurt to hasten the process of fermentation. Check the bhatura recipe in Hindi and follow the instructions carefully.

Whether you make a bhatura recipe with yeast or an instant bhatura recipe, you will get the best results from the recipe below:

  • Take a large mixing bowl and add maida to it.
  • Add salt, sugar, and rava to it to prepare bhatura dough.
  • The bhatura dough recipe also needs baking soda and baking powder.
  • Add oil and start rubbing the mix with your palms to mix all the bhatura ingredients nicely.
  • Now add sour yoghurt and start kneading the dough.
  • Spend as much time as possible in dough kneading as per the recipe of bhatura, as it is the most integral part of making fluffy bread.
  • Use oil to grease the dough so that it doesn’t stick on the pan.
  • Use a moist cloth to cover the dough and keep it aside for a couple of hours.
  • Roll it vertically and cut it into pieces and make dough balls.
  • Roll the dough on a platform using a rolling pin forming circles, and deep fry them in oil.
  • Ensure the oil is well-heated so that bhatura fluffs up when frying. 
  • Flip over to allow bhatura to get golden fried on both sides. 
  • Use tissue paper to drain excess oil from the bhatura.
  • Serve it with spicy, piping hot chickpea masala, onion rings, chutney, and pickles. 

The more you allow the fermented dough to rest, the softer and fluffier bhatura you will get. Ensure you have all bhature ingredients handy for soft bhaturas for your bhature recipe. You can also make the bhatura recipe without baking sodaand use sour curd instead for fermenting the dough. Rest the dough for a longer period to make fluffy bhaturas. 

Conclusion :

When it is raining, people usually crave something fried to enjoy. At this time, you can try the bhature recipe and enjoy it with spicy chickpea gravy. Watch the bhature recipe video to understand the steps and instructions and make an awesome fluffy bhaturas.