Connected Cooking

Kitchen is turning out to be the most technologically advanced room in the modern homes. While your cookbooks are replaced by smart speakers with screens the appliances are becoming smarter with WiFi connectivity. This is Connected Cooking evolution. 

Connecting your appliances for cooking is the future of kitchen experiences that every smart kitchen appliance manufacturer is thriving for. Yet, there is a gap between what the home cooks want as connected cooking and what the appliances are built for. The gap is connecting the recipe to the appliances, not just making connectivity smarter. The appliances have to understand the context of the recipe in progress.

tinychef has built the perfect platform for connected cooking to make it easy for kitchen OEMs to seamlessly control and monitor the kitchen appliances as per the current recipe steps. It also makes it for home cooks to use these appliances without worrying about the setting up the appliances or remembering to pre-set the appliances as per the recipe in progress.

Connected cooking experiences with smart speakers

When you connect Tinychef with your smart speakers, you’ll completely transform your kitchen experience. All our recipes can now be accessed on Google Home & Alexa devices. All you need to do is simply ask Alexa or Google and they’ll talk you through each step at the command of your voice.

Be in control of your kitchen

With Tinychef you can even monitor and control your home appliances from your smart devices with Home Connect and even power your Bosch oven.