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Our newest mobile app & community for everyone who loves eating and cooking. Now you can plan your meals, shop for groceries, search for ideas and cook hands-free all from the same app.

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Get help for what to cook

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Plan your meals with 20,000+ recipes, plan your groceries, and cook with smart speakers.

Discover easy to cook recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner based on what you have in the fridge or time you have or your healthy diet plan. 

Automatically prepare the grocery shopping list based on what you plan to cook.

Cook with step-by-step voice instructions from your Amazon Alexa devices.

See why everyone is talking about Tinychef

Simply ask your device to

Hey Google,

… talk to tinychef

Simply ask your device to


… open tinychef


… Alfredo pasta to my meal plan


… me a recipe for triple chocolate brownies.


… me a healthy and easy recipe.


… to cook Chinese